2023 World Outdoor Flint Archery Mail Match

The 2023 WOFAMM will again be run, but over an extended period. It has been decided that the 2023 WOFAMM will be offered over a 6-month period, with Round 1 over July/August 2023, Round 2 over August/September 2023 and Round 3 over October/November 2023. We believe this gives a much better time period to shoot in, plus much more flexibility for clubs and archers to plan their shooting activities.The Entry Fee has not changed, all the various Bow Divisions are still in place and the same Registration Form is used, Good luck and great shooting to everybody ~ Tim


This worldwide Match is not limited to IFAA archers only, but is open to all non-professional archers!


Care should be taken with keeping social distancing, wearing of masks as well as personal hygiene (washing hand, etc.). The IFAA cannot control the conditions in which archers shoot this event and thus will not accept any responsibility for any spreading of the disease.


Click HERE for the 2022 World Outdoor Flint Archery Mail Match results.

2023 WOFAMM results will be posted for:- 

Round 1 – 30 August 2023,

Round 2 – 29 September 2023,

and Final Results around 30 November 2023.


Participants must register before 30 August 2023, the date that the scores for Round One must be in. No late entries will be accepted! You may enter in more than one style!


Scores to be submitted to the International Score Recorder no later than:-

16 August  2023 for Round 1

15 September 2023 for Round 2 and

16 November 2023 for Round 3

Score entry corrections will be accepted until 6 December 2023. The final results will be posted on the IFAA web site around 13 December 2023.


A downloadable document for the REGISTRATION/SCORING of this event is available on this web page. This document is to be e-mailed as an attachment to the International Score Recorder (mailto:ifaa.mailmatch@gmail.com together with proof of payment of the match fees, to accomplish your registration. No registration will be accepted without proof of payment. A participant who does not qualify for a gold, silver or bronze insert will receive a participation insert when they complete all of the three rounds. These inserts will be sent to the postal address that is filled in on the registration form. No inserts will be sent to participants who have not included their postal address.

Payment is now possible by credit card authorisation: The document is available for download on this web site. Payment by cheque or direct payment in Australia only to:-

Tim Stone, IFAA Treasurer
14 Doon Street
Kallangur, QLD, 4503, Australia

Bank of Queensland Limited,
6/100 Skyring Terrace,
Newstead, QLD. 4006

GPO Box 898, Brisbane, QLD. 4001,Australia,

Branch code: 124076
Account number: 20059187


Account Name: International Field Archery Association

For all entries please email Tim from HERE to confirm details of numbers of shooters and payment details

You may enter in more than one style! Match Fees of AUD$15.00 (per entry) are payable to the IFAA account in Australia

Registration form wofamm 2023


credit card authorisation