Perfect Animal Round ~ 2020 to 2030

Perfect Animal Round
01 January 2021 to 01 January 2030
This is a list of archers who have shot the "perfect" score of 560 in IFAA sanctioned events, regardless of age group.

Although many of the archers have shot the perfect score more than once.

Only "the first time" that this score was shot is shown. Styles that did not shoot a "perfect score" since 2010 are repeated from the "Pre Jan -2010" list.
Professional Division
Freestyle Unlimited (FU)
E. RessarEST2022WFAC
Amateur Division
Freestyle Unlimited (FU)
Senior Male
G. KramerRSA2022WFAC
Veteran Male
G.A. BauerRSA2022WFAC
U. BritschgiSWI2022WFAC
U. WorschechGER2022WFAC
Adult Male
M. RutonenFIN2022WFAC
A. KangasmakiFIN2022WFAC
T. PirppuFIN2022WFAC
V. LutshakaEST2022WFAC
A. PruuliEST2022WFAC
S. FlorenceNZL2022PRFAC
J. EastwoodAUS2022PRFAC
H.J. SwanepoelRSA2022ARFAC
D. RothmannRSA2022ARFAC
J. J van VuurenRSA2022ARFAC
Adult Female
I. EnthovenNED2022WFAC
N. PinchesENG2022WFAC
S. ClaussSWI2022WFAC
F. McInnesSCO2022WFAC
L. GrantRSA2022ARFAC
L. SchoemanNAM2022ARFAC
Young Adult Male
H. MednisLVA2022WFAC
L. WesfordNZL2022PRFAC
Junior Male
H. VerhoefRSA2022ARFAC
Bowhunter Unlimited (BU)
Veteran Male
T. BassettNZL2022PRFAC
H.P. van StadenRSA2022ARFAC
Adult Male
Young Adult Male