Director of Training & Coaching

Director of Training & Coaching

Dear Instructors, National Head Coaches and Members of the Instructor Forum,

We had rough times to face and yet they are not over – but let us be positive and clean up our house before we proceed with Training and Coaching once the pandemic situation allows us to do so!

Little was possible during these days of uncertainties and lock-down conditions and all major events, planned so carefully by so many dedicated fellow sportsmen and women, had to be cancelled or postponed.

The courses for training and coaching had been affected too and only due to the bravery of some of you, it was possible to keep at least some online courses going.

Since no courses were possible, we could not present any of the desired renewal courses for you and it goes without saying that this was one of the most concerning aspect for me.

However, with the experiences now obtained, we are planning to present the renewal courses ONLINE in the next year of which the extend will be clarified in the upcoming weeks.  Our goal is to have a plan ready before the end of this year.

Many of you have been waiting for the extension of the grace period announced earlier and I can confirm today that the confirmations are being prepared and will be provided upon request.  I thank you for your patience and understanding in this regard.  However, I must ask you to assess the necessity to get this extension. 

Notably patience and understanding were unfortunately not equally shared, and some felt they had to take matters in their own hands.

To those concerned, please do not be misled.  The IFAA Instructor Forum is actively following up on what happens in the world of archery and the Instruction Protocol is in force thus applying to all who wish to enjoy the benefits of being a Certified IFAA Instructor!

Those acting against the Protocol by providing fake certificates or disregarding the formal processes as stipulated in the Protocol will be corrected and any misuse / negligence will not be tolerated.

To remind all of you, this is what we need to follow:

Any IFAA member association is encouraged by the IFAA Constitution to conduct a programme for training and coaching development. Such national programme is under the full responsibility of that particular National Association and does not require any sanction or blessing from the IFAA!

  • Any licence / certificate awarded under such system is of national / local character only.
  • National Courses, approved by the IFAA INSTRUCTOR FORUM as being compliant to the minimum requirements for international standards, are considered as adequate to qualify for the next level international courses given all other requirements are met – however, they are NOT international courses and successful completion does not entitle the person to request an international Certificate nor being listed as international certified Instructor.
  • International Certificates represent a IFAA wide standard – however, National Associations are entitled to request International certified Instructors to comply with national requirements – which could also mean that they must attend the relevant national training before being licenced on national level.

Other than the above, International Training and Coaching Courses, sanctioned by the IFAA, are to follow the provisions outlined in the IFAA Instruction Protocol!

For this you need to be aware of the following:

  1. If you wish to present an International Course, first make sure this is in line with the plans of your National Association. To present courses, within the area of jurisdiction of another National Association as your own, you need to get their permission first to present courses - meaning you probably need to meet national requirements too, before being entitled to present such courses.
  2. Have the responsible Association, which formally shall present the course, apply for sanctioning of that course to the Forum and provide all relevant information such as planned date, venue and instructors presenting the course with such application.
  3. In the next step, the hosting Association is required to;
  • Generate a list of participants, respecting the provisions of the protocol in terms of maximum number of participants.
  • Provide the Forum with the data requested in the application form for individual candidates and assure that data privacy regulations are met by requesting permission from the potential candidates to transfer their data to the IFAA Forum for the purpose of assessment of their qualification and the administration of Instructor Certificates. They may also opt to be listed in addition in the public accessible register of “Certified International Instructors” being published by the IFAA on its webpage.
  1. Based on the data received and confirmation provided by the National Association, the Forum will then assess the individual applications and inform the National Association accordingly.
    Note: If archers from National Associations other than the hosting Association wish to participate in your course, their application needs to be dealt with by their National Association with no exception and their National Association shall provide the hosting Association with all relevant details to conduct the formal application with the Forum. In other words, the Association hosting the course is acting as Course Integrator and will be the single point of contact for the Forum.
  2. Once the course is completed, you are to provide the Forum with a signed list of the successful participating candidates. With your signature you confirm that they have been instructed according to the IFAA Course requirements, they have been participating for the entire duration and they have successfully passed practical and theoretical exams.

Due to occurrences in the past months be advised that there will be no exception to this regulation.

However, since we do not wish for Instructors with good will to be affected by a possible refusal of confirming their successful participation in an IFAA Instructor Training, by not issuing the Certificates, it has been decided to allow all past courses, which have, until date, not been duly approved by the Forum.  Furthermore, to present to all candidates, who have not been reviewed and deemed to be qualified, a unique opportunity to rectify the situation.

This will apply to all Instructors who do not have a certificate yet or a temporary / provisionally created certificate without the signature of the IFAA Director of Training and Coaching.

Instructors who presented courses not approved by the Forum shall follow these steps:

  1. Seek formal approval with your National Association for the course presented.
  2. Seek formal approval of the participants from the National Association
  3. Provide the National Association with all data required and seek approval from the participants to share data required to assess their qualification and to administer certificates with the IFAA.
  4. Candidates from other National Associations shall request approval to participate in an international course from their own Association. This Association shall provide a completed and signed application form for the candidate and send it the IFAA Director Training and Coaching (DTC).
  5. Candidates not complying with qualification requirements may apply to the Forum for a grace period in which they are to establish compliance with the qualification prerequisites. During this period their certificate will not be issued, and they may not act as an IFAA Instructor.

The above regulation will be effective from 1st January 2021 until April 1st 2021.  After this date, candidates not duly approved will be taken of the listings.

Concerning pending renewals, within the next few weeks we will issue, to those instructors we have contact details for, an extension of their certificate until December 2022 to allow ample time for their renewal.  On January 15, 2021 we will publish a list of planned dates for International Courses both for initial certification and for renewal.

Noted that as from the 1st of January 2021 onward, Jose Luis Martinez will be the IFAA Director Training and Coaching.  All communication related to the IFAA Instruction Programme shall be addressed to him.

Contact details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for your support and cooperation during the 2020 season and wishing you a successful 2021.

Yours in Archery,



From the Director of Training & Coaching
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