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tafisa Dear Delegates, Dear Members of the International Field Archery Association; Dear Archers!

The Executive Council wish to inform you about the following communication received from

Statement from the TAFISA Executive Board

TAFISA expresses its profound sadness regarding the ongoing armed conflict and condemns the attack by the
governments of Russia and the Republic of Belarus against Ukraine. In these volatile and extremely critical
times, our sympathy and support go to Ukrainians and those affected by the conflict.

TAFISA stands for peace, mutual understanding, building bridges between peoples and cultures, and working
together to create a better world. Violence is against our core values, and we sincerely hope that the world
will come together and achieve a peaceful resolution to the current conflict.

As an international organisation, the ongoing situation affects the work of TAFISA and its members.
Therefore, the TAFISA Executive Board has held an extraordinary meeting and made the decision to take the
following measures, effective immediately:

1. No TAFISA event can take place in Russia or the Republic of Belarus until further notice. Organisations
cannot bid or apply to host TAFISA events in either country.
2. TAFISA Membership is suspended for organisations from Russia and the Republic of Belarus.
3. Representatives and organisations from either country cannot take part in official TAFISA events, such as
the TAFISA World Congress, TAFISA General Assembly, TAFISA World Sport for All Games, TAFISA Regional
Sport for All Games, TAFISA World Walking Day and others.
4. No representative from Russia or the Republic of Belarus can represent TAFISA in any function or position.
Existing functions and positions by representatives of either country in TAFISA bodies are suspended.
Representatives of either country cannot be nominated or apply for a mandate as a TAFISA representative.
5. TAFISA representatives will not attend any events (physical or virtual) in Russia or the Republic of Belarus
until further notice.

Additionally, the TAFISA Executive Board strongly suggests the following recommendations to TAFISA

1. Hosting events in Russia or the Republic of Belarus should be avoided until further notice.
2. Representatives should avoid attending any events (physical or virtual) in Russia or the Republic of Belarus
until further notice.
3. Representatives of Russia or the Republic of Belarus should not be allowed to participate in TAFISA
members’ events and should not continue in their elected function or position within TAFISA member

The TAFISA Executive Board
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 3 March 2022

It took us a long time and a lot of efforts to extend the IFAA Family of Archers into Eastern Europe
and into Russia. Historical and cultural aspects played a strong role, and we were delighted when
we received in the last year the membership applications first from Kaliningrad and then from the
Russian Archery Federation. It was and is our strong belief that sport unites people. However, as
stated in the Preamble to our Constitution, one of our highest value is peace which is the basis of
all interaction and this value shall not be compromised.

With respect to the hosts of our upcoming Championships, who clearly expressed their view, which
is in line with the statement from TAFISA, and with the understanding that our archers are also
supporting the principle of “Zero Tolerance”, the Executives of the IFAA have decided to adopt the
recommendations from TAFISA for at least one (1) year subject to confirmation by the World
Council and review in one (1) year from now.

This is applicable to all full members, associated and temporary members as well as to all
corporate members with immediate effect. Accordingly, all pending affiliation processes will be
suspended as well.

You can dowload the Statement HERE