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Women in the IFAA

Women in the IFAA

When I think of the exceptional Women in the IFAA, the first name that comes to mind is Linda, Linda Lainchbury of the Black Arrows, New Zealand.  I met Linda at the 2010 World Field Archery Championships in Dahn, Germany.  At the time, being my first time...

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The Folk of Open Range

The Folk of Open Range

Have you ever wondered what matters most in your life? Of course, many would answer a family and health. And yes, these are overriding values, inalienable treasures to carry through life. In a sentence: a sort of first aid kit intended to cover the entire span of time...

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The IFAA has adopted a Workgroup Concept to better serve our family of archers.

The following video gives an in-depth explanation of the concept.

You can also download the Briefing on Workgroups PDF below.

If you would like to nominate a representative to one of the Workgroups, please contact your local IFAA member association.

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