Medal of Honour

Honorary membership may be granted by the IFAA World council in recognition of those who have served the association beyond the call of duty.

Arno Kaczmarek

Arno has been a supporter of the IFAA and a member since 1969. One of the first active IFAA archers who attended almost all the IFAA world field events. Arno also served as the DFVB delegate on the IFAA World Council for several years.

Arvid Romanov

Arvid is a long standing member archer of the IFAA and Delegate of the SFSF (Sweden) on the IFAA World Council for more than 20 years

Thomas Rosen

Thomas has been a member archer of the IFAA from its early beginning. From 1984 he was the organiser of the IFAA mail matches. Without his input we would not have reached the curent success with the world mail match.

Christian Nava

Christian started archery in 1975 and became involved with the French member associaiton (FFTL) since 1984. He was Secretary of the IFAA from 1993-1994 and has been the FFTL Delegate at the IFAA World Council. Christian wrote the original rules of the Bowhunter Championships which have now developed to the IFAA Bowhunter tournament rules.

Bob Deston

Bob got involved with the IFAA in the beginning of this century and started attending IFAA tournaments in 2002. Bob has always been a great supporter of the IFAA and has actively promoted the IFAA within the USA, both within the NFAA and manufacturers of archery equipment

Mike Murray

Shelly Mascaro

Active archer and IFAA supporter from 1999. She was the Tournament Director of the NAFAC from 2001 to 2006 and 2008 to now, thus assuring a strong link between the IFAA and the North American continent. She was instrumental in getting South Korea as a member with the IFAA

Tim Austin

For his services to the IFAA over the last 20 years and promotion of the IFAA within the USA archery fraternity

Grant Gammon

Grant has served the IFAA for the past 24 years as the World Record Keeper and the International Mail Match Score Recorder. His commitment to the score recording ensured that the IFAA Indoor and Flint Mail Match participation grew remarkably over the last few years as more archers are introduced to this exceptional format of archery

Steve Barratt

The loyalty and commitment to the International Field Archery Association (IFAA) over the last 16 years as the web master of the IFAA web site has made Steve one of the anchor blocks on which the IFAA has relied. His input has made the IFAA web site accessible to all our archers and in doing so there has been built up an archive for our archers to enjoy.