The IFAA Hall of Fame

The International Field Archery Association on occasion gives special recognition to those individuals and organisations that have supported and contributed to the Association in various ways.

The following awards are recognised:

Honourary Awards

Medal of Honour

From 01 January 2007 the IFAA has recognised Honorary Membership for those archers, organisations or companies that have served the IFAA beyond the normal call of duty.

Recipients of this award receive the Medal of Honour.

The medal shows the IFAA emblem and is made of solid silver.

Eight Medals were awarded by the end of 2014.

The Presidents Medal

Since 2010 the IFAA President instituted the President's Medal.

The award may be issued to members of the IFAA World Council and to IFAA Executive Officers with a serving record exceeding ten years.

The medal is made in solid silver with a gold plated IFAA emblem.

The outside band has the words: “DEDICATION”; “PERSEVERANCE” and “INSPIRATION”.

Three medals were awarded by the end of 2014.

Special Awards

The IFAA Belt Buckle

IFAA Belt Buckle The IFAA Belt Buckle The IFAA buckle in bronze was designed in 1995 by PB Hartman of South Africa. A total of 50 buckles were made. Although some buckles were sold to individual archers in the first few months, this was stopped and the buckles were place in safe keeping until the end of 2005.

Since 2006 they are occasionally used as an award to the Tournament Director/Field Captain or other individuals who have excelled in the organisation of a WFAC or WBHC.

Five buckles were awarded by the end of 2014

The IFAA Certificate

An IFAA Certificate may on occasion be awarded to an individual in recognition of his/her leadership and initiative in the promotion of the sport of IFAA Field Archery as a family sport within his/her country.