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International Field Archery Association
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International Field Archery Association
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International Field Archery Association
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The International Field Archery Association (I.F.A.A.) is an archery association that was formally founded in 1970 (even though tournaments were already organised in Europe from 1967) when a group of field archers from the USA, Sweden, England, Scotland, Wales and Canada agreed on a set of basic rules by which Field Archery tournaments would be run. We now represent over 50 000 field archers and have more than 45 member countries from all continents. 

2023/2024 World Indoor Archery Mail Match

The next IFAA WIAMM will again be run over 2023/2024, with the scoring system, payment of fees to be sent to the IFAA Treasurer (which are still AUD 15 per entry), the Registration Form unchanged, and scores to be sent to the International Mail Match Score Recorder, Grant Gammon.

However, the BIG CHANGE is that the competition will now be run from December 2023 to March 2024, not one round per two-month period as in the past. Three (3) scores should still be submitted in total, so archers may opt to shoot all 3 scores in one month, or spread their shooting over the four months.

Final scores should be sent in to Grant by Friday, March 15, 2024, and once IFAA has tallied all the results we hope to have them on the IFAA Website asap.

The reason to try this change is that it was felt that a six month competition was dragging the competition out too long, so that it would be more effective to conduct it over a shorter time span.

Good Luck to all archers!

To download the entry and payment from and more details please CLICK HERE

What's New - 27 November

2023 Flint Outdoor Mail Match

Final Results of the Flint Outdoor Mail Match are now available


"Women in IFAA" is one of the working groups in our Association, and we are proud to provide information specifically for our women in the sport. The upside is that many of our archers will also benefit from the articles that have been made available in the main menu above called WinIFAA
Women in IFAA


New Zealand on October 11th through to13th 2024 will host the PRBHC.
The event will be held in Auckland and each of the three days will be held at a different venue, all within easy traveling distance from the CBD.
More Information to follow

Book of Rules

The IFAA Book of Rules provides the information on all our activities and what must be followed during IFAA Sanctioned event

Calendar of Events

The complete calendar of events which includes IFAA Sanctioned events and National Events are available by clicking in the button below