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Who Are We?

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Welcome to the official web site of the International Field Archery Association, also known as the IFAA.

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The IFAA level 3 course hosted in Kilmore, Ireland.

Under the leadership of the IFAA Master Instructors Thomas Colclough, Ray Howells and José Luis Martínez an IFAA level 3 instructors’ course was hosted over three days, from Friday  13 to Sunday 15 October by Kilmore Archery Club in Northern Ireland.

The course was attended by 20+ level 2 instructors from twelve member associations.

With these level 3 instructors these associations can now start their own level 1 and level 2 instruction courses at national level and in their own language.

This course will give a strong boost to the IFAA instruction and development program.

The next level 3 course is planned to be hosted in South America early next year.

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EBHC 2018

EBHC 2018 cr

EBHC 2018 registrations are open with only a few starting positions still available. Archers will be placed on a waiting list