Classification and Score Card Template

Dear archer,

The IFAA Statues require that all of our member associations have a classification system that is acceptable to the IFAA.

This is not a new “thing”. It has been a requirement since the inception of the IFAA 42 years ago.

We will use our web site for easy access to these cards as not all members associations are implementing a successful classification system.

The card on the website is a double sided card that needs to be folded twice, with the score records on the inside.

Our member associations who do not implement a similar system as yet are invited to use this card.

The principle behind the card is simple:

Any archer who shoots at an IFAA sanctioned event must have such a card to show that he/she has previously experienced an event under IFAA rules and has knowledge of our tournament rules.

Such event may be a club shoot, a national shoot or an international shoot, as long as the score has been verified by a tournament official.

In the case of a score that is shot at a Field or Hunter Round, such score may be used for the classification of an archer in the A, B or C class, irrespective of the shooting style.(Use the same card even if you change style)

The various classification score limits are printed on the Card. They only apply to Adult and Junior archers. Veteran archers, Cub archers and archers shooting in the Historical Bow Style do not qualify for the various classes.

Classification is based on the two highest scores obtained over the last two years. This applies for each style you shoot. Such card therefore can be used longer than a year.

The various Bowhunter Rounds of the IFAA are not included in the classification system. Scores obtained in these Rounds will therefore only be used as proof that you have shot such an event previously.

Scorecards/classification cards are compulsory as from 2012 for all IFAA sanctioned events, but you are allowed to backdate to 2010 with your score records.

You will have to send a copy of this card with registration with such an event.

Please note that only under exceptional circumstances an archer will be allowed to register for an IFAA event without such a card.

The process is simple:

Copy both Jpeg files of our web. Paste one of these files on 150gr thick paper and print. Exchange with the other Jpeg file in the same position, turn over the paper and print again.

The setting of the Jpeg files is 210x105 mm, which fits across an A4 sheet.


Please assist us with this process and comply with our rules.


Note:     “B” and “C” class archers are NOT excluded from our World Champion medal ! If such an archer has the best score, he/she will get the gold medal.

Classification allows you win a medal in your class. Class medals are a smaller version of the World medals and come in Gold, Silver and up to 3 Bronze, depending on the number of archers in that class.

Classification allows for a healthy competition between archers that shoot similar scores in a style.

Remember that Classification only applies to: WFAC, EFAC, NAFAC, PRFAC and ARFAC. Some of our member associations even use classification in their National Field Archery Championships !
scoresheet -cover (updated 9 Dec 16)
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