Instruction Course in India

The Field Archery Association of India (FAAI)  had its first Level 1 and level 2 Instructors’ Course in the city of Chennai in the State of Tamil Nadu, under supervision of Subhash Nair, the Indian Master Instructor of the IFAA.
Mr. Manivasagam, who attended the course in Bucharest, was the organiser this Course in which all current India Instructors did attend.
Mr Dhana Sekaran and Ishwarbhai Solanki , the two other instructors who also attended the IFAA course in Bucharest also attended this course and shared their experience of the Bucharest course as an inspiration to other level 1 and 2 Coaches who were already accredited earlier in India.
The Chennai course was based on the method used in Bucharest and was a great success.
Such courses will hopefully assure uniformity of future courses to be held in India.

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