Before Jan 2010
This is a list of archers who have shot the "perfect" Animal round in IFAA sanctioned events in which new world records are recognised, regardless of age group. Although many of the archers have shot the perfect score more than once. Only "the first time"
E.Helfritz USA 2009 NAFAC
B.Munson USA 2009 NAFAC
S. Barrett USA 2009 NAFAC
J. Taylor USA 2007 NAFAC
T. Rantanen FIN 2007 EFAC
D. Barnsdale USA 2006 WFAC
T. Rogers USA 2006 NAFAC
R. Menzer USA 2005 NAFAC
R. West USA 2005 NAFAC
T. Koblents USA 2005 NAFAC
M. Parrish USA 2004 WFAC
D. Cousins USA 2004 WFAC
J. Broadwater USA 2004 WFAC
R. Tucker USA 2004 WFAC
R. Willett USA 2004 WFAC
M. Braden USA 2004 WFAC
S. Stark USA 2004 WFAC
J. Pruitte USA 2004 WFAC
M. Lewis USA 2004 WFAC
J. Baurnfeind USA 2004 NAFAC
F. Pearson USA 2004 NAFAC
J. Button USA 2002 WFAC
C. Deston USA 2001 NAFAC
J. Despart USA 2000 NAFAC
T. Daley USA 2000 NAFAC
W. Cleland USA 2000 NAFAC
E.L. Gibson USA 1999 NAFAC
R. Weatherbee USA 1998 WFAC
D. Williams USA 1998 NAFAC
S. Turner USA 1998 NAFAC
S. McKenty CAN 1998 NAFAC
J. Fouts USA 1998 NAFAC
T. Crowe USA 1994 WFAC
L. Wise USA 1986 WFAC
D. Pridgen USA 1986 WFAC
R. Johnson USA 1986 WFAC
T. Ragsdale USA 1984 WFAC
P. Shipley USA 1984 WFAC
T. Toomey AAE 1982 WFAC
Professional Female
D. Watson USA 2003 NAFAC
I. Louw USA 1996 WFAC
R. Pridgen USA 1990 WFAC
B. Pearson USA 1990 WFAC
M. Ragsdale USA 1984 WFAC
Barebow compound ( BB-C)
Adult Male
B. Marshall USA 2000 NAFAC
Freestyle Limited compound (FS-C)
Adult Male
D. Hryn USA 1997 NAFAC
Cub Male
J. Rademan RSA 2000 WFAC
D. Williams USA 1988 WFAC
Freestyle Unlimited (FU)
Veteran Male
H. Maier RSA 2007 ARFAC
B. Waddell USA 2007 NAFAC
W.Hohmann USA 2007 NAFAC
C. Gonzalez USA 2007 NAFAC
G. Blesing AUS 2006 WFAC
S. Johnson USA 2006 WFAC
D. Townsend USA 2006 NAFAC
R. Wise USA 2006 NAFAC
F. Gandy USA 2006 NAFAC
P. Rantanen FIN 2005 EFAC
I. Luchette USA 2005 NAFAC
M. Morgan USA 2005 NAFAC
L. Bunn USA 2004 WFAC
G. Lewis USA 2004 NAFAC
W. Buck CAN 2004 NAFAC
F. Gandy USA 2003 NAFAC
W. Carr USA 2003 NAFAC
R. Fenton USA 1998 NAFAC
J. Romeo USA 1998 NAFAC
R. Haggard USA 1996 WFAC
R. McClintock USA 1996 WFAC
D. Kudlacek USA 1996 WFAC
C. Fitting USA 1996 WFAC
Veteran Female
B. Kouns USA 2004 WFAC
Adult Male
N. Kohne RSA 2009 ARFAC
D. Jaeger RSA 2009 ARFAC
F. Marais NAM 2009 ARFAC
B. Gandy USA 2009 NAFAC
R. Martin USA 2009 NAFAC
B. Kelly USA 2009 NAFAC
M. Marlow USA 2009 NAFAC
E. Scudner USA 2009 NAFAC
N.Kohn RSA 2008 WFAC
W.Bonthuys RSA 2008 WFAC
K. de Wet RSA 2008 WFAC
D.Bockmuhl NAM 2008 WFAC
M.Koch RSA 2008 WFAC
K. Mcloskey USA 2008 NAFAC
T. Casteel USA 2008 NAFAC
J. Alers USA 2008 NAFAC
M. Hart USA 2008 NAFAC
S. Cilliers RSA 2007 ARFAC
F. Herholdt RSA 2007 ARFAC
G. Gammon RSA 2007 ARFAC
Z. Benade RSA 2007 ARFAC
J. Herholdt RSA 2007 ARFAC
W. Britz RSA 2007 ARFAC
J. Ingram USA 2007 NAFAC
T. Ragsdale USA 2007 NAFAC
T. Venicia USA 2007 NAFAC
M. Dyer USA 2007 NAFAC
R. Kullström FIN 2007 EFAC
D. Josten GER 2007 EFAC
M. Creutz GER 2007 EFAC
U. Mross GER 2007 EFAC
F. Adler AAE 2007 EFAC
C. Nilsson SWE 2007 EFAC
J. Johansson SWE 2007 EFAC
C. Freeman AUS 2006 WFAC
P. Maylnn AUS 2006 WFAC
C. Johnson USA 2006 WFAC
A. Rieken AUS 2006 WFAC
Z. Benade RSA 2006 WFAC
D. Shannon AUS 2006 WFAC
T. Pask USA 2006 WFAC
R. Timms AUS 2006 WFAC
P. Mulholland AUS 2006 WFAC
J. Heuval USA 2006 WFAC
V. Gonzales USA 2006 WFAC
A. Weston AUS 2006 WFAC
J. Merrill USA 2006 WFAC
N. Teelow AUS 2006 WFAC
S. Henry NZ 2006 WFAC
S. Barratt AUS 2006 WFAC
B. Ireland AUS 2006 WFAC
I. Wolf AUS 2006 WFAC
P. van Heerden RSA 2006 WFAC
B. Kelleher AUS 2006 WFAC
K. Hodgins USA 2006 WFAC
D. Taylor USA 2006 NAFAC
P. Russell USA 2006 NAFAC
D. DiMascio USA 2006 NAFAC
J. Feller USA 2006 NAFAC
E. Helfritz USA 2006 NAFAC
N. Newbury USA 2006 NAFAC
R. Abstreiter GER 2005 EFAC
N. Wakelin ENG 2005 EFAC
R. Hutton SCO 2005 EFAC
R. Hack GER 2005 EFAC
R. Kullstrom FIN 2005 EFAC
R. Prudente SWI 2005 EFAC
A. Reetz GER 2005 EFAC
D. Watson SCO 2005 EFAC
R. Hinkleman USA 2005 NAFAC
L .Gonzales USA 2005 NAFAC
D. Montgomery USA 2005 NAFAC
B. Kelly USA 2005 NAFAC
S. Hughes USA 2005 NAFAC
D. Wischmeier USA 2004 WFAC
J. Schaff USA 2004 WFAC
J. McNeese USA 2004 WFAC
K. Raymond USA 2004 WFAC
N. Benade RSA 2004 WFAC
M. Pestilli USA 2004 WFAC
J. Bach USA 2004 WFAC
K. Newkirk USA 2004 WFAC
M. la Mar USA 2004 WFAC
D. Emmett USA 2004 WFAC
T. Davis USA 2004 WFAC
D. Tate USA 2004 WFAC
E. Gaffney NZ 2004 WFAC
D. McGarrah USA 2004 WFAC
E. Helfritz USA 2004 WFAC
N. Newbury USA 2004 NAFAC
S. Erjansalo FIN 2003 EFAC
J. Poikalainen FIN 2003 EFAC
T. Sjöroos FIN 2003 EFAC
R. Prudente SWI 2003 EFAC
R. Menzer USA 2003 NAFAC
R. Siers USA 2003 NAFAC
B. Rega USA 2003 NAFAC
B. Loften USA 2003 NAFAC
S. Siers USA 2003 NAFAC
J. Feller USA 2003 NAFAC
T. Mundon ENG 2002 WFAC
D. Wilson USA 2002 WFAC
D. DiMascio USA 2002 NAFAC
C. White ENG 2002 WFAC
T. Sheard NZ 2001 PRFAC
S. Watkins NZ 2001 PRFAC
S. Feltus USA 2001 NAFAC
J. Krienke USA 2001 NAFAC
D. Orazi USA 2001 NAFAC
W. Rives USA 2000 NAFAC
S. Piper USA 2000 NAFAC
S. Carmean USA 2000 WFAC
R. Hutton SCO 2000 WFAC
R. Bunker ENG 2000 EFAC
P. Shaw AUS 2000 WFAC
P. Monge ZAM 2000 WFAC
M. Mlnarik USA 2000 NAFAC
M. Audeh USA 2000 NAFAC
J. Prinsloo RSA 2000 WFAC
J. Bradway USA 2000 NAFAC
H. Sims USA 2000 NAFAC
D. Cousins USA 2000 NAFAC
C. Cilliers RSA 2000 WFAC
A. Ruddock USA 2000 NAFAC
S. Källstrom SWE 1999 EFAC
G. Tyminski CAN 1999 NAFAC
D. Monteleone USA 1999 NAFAC
E. Woodbin AUS 1999 PRFAC
S. Reeks AUS 1999 PRFAC
D. Duvenhage RSA 1999 ARFAC
T. Morgan ENG 1998 EFAC
S. van der Linde RSA 1998 WFAC
R. Herbert USA 1998 NAFAC
M. Remus USA 1998 NAFAC
L. Collins USA 1998 NAFAC
J. Morrow USA 1998 NAFAC
E. Von Arx SWI 1998 EFAC
D. Green AUS 1998 WFAC
B. Johnson AAE 1998 WFAC
S. Pratt AUS 1997 PRFAC
S. Heijel SWE 1997 EFAC
S. Hägglund SWE 1997 EFAC
R. Marbacher SWI 1997 EFAC
N. Digweed AUS 1997 PRFAC
M. Hurren AUS 1997 PRFAC
L. Cornish AUS 1997 PRFAC
I. Rautiainen FIN 1997 EFAC
H. Maier AAE 1997 EFAC
E. Leick GER 1997 EFAC
E. Bencic AUS 1997 PRFAC
T. Rogers USA 1996 WFAC
T. Morgan USA 1996 WFAC
T. Daley USA 1996 WFAC
R. Weatherbee USA 1996 WFAC
R. Simeon USA 1996 WFAC
M. Shepherdson USA 1996 WFAC
M. Lundstedt USA 1996 WFAC
K. Swanson USA 1996 WFAC
J. Williamson AUS 1996 WFAC
G. Miles AUS 1996 WFAC
D. Barton Jr USA 1996 WFAC
C. Mozolowski SWI 1996 WFAC
G. Davies ENG 1994 WFAC
D. Jones ENG 1994 WFAC
P. Lindroos FIN 1993 WFAC
M. Newton ENG 1993 WFAC
J. Oelke GER 1993 EFAC
O. Saastamoinen FIN 1993 EFAC
M. Hallberg SWE 1993 EFAC
P. Harrisson NZ 1993 PRFAC
C. Brown AUS 1993 PRFAC
S. Reeks AUS 1993 PRFAC
G. Woodbine AUS 1993 PRFAC
A. Roos RSA 1992 WFAC
R. Ryden SWE 1991 WFAC
N. Baldur DEN 1990 EFAC
S. Frankauser GER 1988 EFAC
L. Davies ENG 1982 WFAC
E. Parsons ENG 1982 WFAC
B. Griffits ENG 1982 WFAC
S. Grundstrom SWE 1981 EFAC
M. Houghton ENG 1981 EFAC
M. Hamilton ENG 1981 EFAC
L. Lofstrom SWE 1981 EFAC
I. Addington ENG 1981 EFAC
E. Parsons ENG 1981 EFAC
B. Griffits ENG 1981 EFAC
Adult Female
L. Lainchbury NZ 2009 PFAC
J.Wittstock RSA 2008 WFAC
S.Finley USA 2008 WFAC
R. Darby AUS 2006 WFAC
L.Gower NZ 2006 WFAC
M. Mills AUS 2006 WFAC
S. Weinstein USA 2004 WFAC
A. Laurila FIN 2003 EFAC
D. Sieloff USA 2003 NAFAC
D. Watson USA 2001 NAFAC
A. Holdorf AAE 2000 WFAC
B. Kouns USA 2000 NAFAC
B. Ericsson SWE 2000 EFAC
M. Sweeney AUS 1999 PRFAC
M. Ferris AUS 1998 WFAC
E. Bailey ENG 1998 EFAC
F. McClean CAN 1994 WFAC
S. Davies ENG 1991 EFAC
C. Louw USA 1988 WFAC
Junior Male
O.Rohrmuller NAM 2008 WFAC
N.Benade RSA 2008 WFAC
H. van Blerk NAM 2007 ARFAC
C. Monahan USA 2004 WFAC
S. Schwade USA 2003 NAFAC
S. Mildwaters AUS 1997 PRFAC
R. Timms AUS 1996 WFAC
M.S. Turner USA 1996 WFAC
B. Jones ENG 1990 WFAC
C. Nelson USA 1988 WFAC
Bowhunter Limited (BL)
Adult Male
R. Gentry USA 2006 WFAC
J. Zuber USA 1988 WFAC
Bowhunter Unlimited (BU)
Veteran Male
G. Marrier USA 2009 NAFAC
S. Coleman USA 2007 NAFAC
T. Boots USA 2004 WFAC
D. Pinnell ENG 1998 EFAC
F. Smith USA 1996 WFAC
Adult Male
K. Kent EST 2013 EFAC
A. Wirth SUI 2013 EFAC
R Chamberlain NAM 2013 ARFAC
B. Posthumus-Meyjes RSA 2011 ARFAC
K.Clarens RSA 2010 WFAC
J. Flemming RSA 2009 ARFAC
W.van Schalkwyk RSA 2008 WFAC
W. Brown RSA 2007 ARFAC
J. Horak RSA 2007 ARFAC
C. Baley USA 2007 NAFAC
W. Brown RSA 2006 WFAC
P. Long AUS 2006 WFAC
G. Alcorn AUS 2006 WFAC
G. Grobler RSA 2006 WFAC
C. Roberts NZ 2006 WFAC
M. Welk AUS 2006 WFAC
R. Dorey USA 2006 NAFAC
M. Stonesifer USA 2006 NAFAC
D. Sauber NAM 2005 ARFAC
J. Human USA 2005 NAFAC
J. van Blerk NAM 2004 WFAC
M. van der Merwe NAM 2004 WFAC
S. Wilson USA 2002 WFAC
W. Bonthuys RSA 2002 WFAC
C. Grey RSA 2000 WFAC
C. Noble ZAM 2000 WFAC
J. Fevella USA 2000 NAFAC
R. Hack GER 1999 EFAC
L. Rains USA 1998 NAFAC
L. Heydenrych RSA 1998 ARFAC
M. Becker SWE 1997 EFAC
J. Raines USA 1996 WFAC
M. Hall USA 1996 WFAC
D. Bonham USA 1996 WFAC
R. Morgan USA 1996 WFAC
L. Thurman USA 1996 WFAC
S. Branford USA 1996 WFAC
J.J. van Tonder RSA 1996 WFAC
T. Bellert AUS 1996 WFAC
B. Hobbs USA 1996 NAFAC
R. Nearey ENG 1993 EFAC
R. Seelye USA 1988 WFAC
J. Moorehead USA 1988 WFAC
Adult Female
B. van der Mewe NAM 2007 ARFAC
S .Pask USA 2006 WFAC
Junior Male
Jackson Engel NAM 2013 ARFAC
W.van Staden RSA 2008 WFAC
T. Bellert AUS 1996 WFAC