Last week part of the WFAC 2018 was hit by a veld fire.

Thanks to the quick response by the game range owner, Kobus Fourie, and the range personnel damage was limited and there was no damage to the Elgro Lodge and there was no loss of animal life.

Unfortunately the “Eagle Range” was affected and partially burned down. Seven bosses have been damaged beyond repair and a few more targets have to be replaced, which will unfortunately affect the original lay-out of this range and it will be smaller.

Although the cause of this fire is not known to us, it does show the dangerous conditions that may cause fire.

It must be understood that smoking on these ranges is dangerous and thus absolutely forbidden.

Archers who are found smoking on any of these ranges will be disqualified and further access to the ranges will be denied.

IFAA management

 fire 1 fire 2 
 fire 3  fire 4
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